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Mobile Phone Linking

How Does Mobile VoIP Work?

Mobile VoIP works with a cell phone’s 3G, 4G, GSM, or other Internet service to send voice calls as digital signals over the Internet using voice over IP technology. Mobile VoIP phones can also take advantage of WiFi hotspots to eliminate the calling costs of a cellular voice or data plan.

Benefits of Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP phone users can benefit from voice over IP services to lower their monthly phone bills. Some cell phone users will take advantage of mobile VoIP phone service to eliminate their voice plans. Using mobile VoIP can result in a simple, data-plan-only relationship with your cell phone carrier. Choosing a data-only plan can result in significant savings.

Benefits for Businesses

Mobile VoIP phones are increasingly popular not only with individuals but also with businesses looking to streamline their operations and lower their overhead. Businesses with personnel on the road with company-issued cell phones find mobile VoIP service to be a cost-effective solution.

Mobile VoIP phones can be used by individuals or by businesses to improve the quality, efficiency, and cost of their overall communications. Businesses and individuals save money on international calls when using mobile VoIP phones. Country-to-country calls are billed at inexpensive local area rates, and the business traveler or tourist isn’t slammed with roaming charges.

Using a mobile VoIP app or mobile VoIP service can also add greater functionality to your cell phone. Mobile VoIP apps can also add new and useful features such as group chat, video chat, or 4-way calling. These features can be useful tools in business communications.