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Multi-Location Business

Multiple Locations

Unify all of your employees and offices with a multi-site phone system, now all you need is one phone system for your entire company. Thanks to our expertise in IP Phone Systems you can enjoy the same features and now all your employees need to do to talk between sites is just dial the extension they wish to reach.

One Size does not Fit All Your Sites

We develop custom-tailored solutions for each of your multiple locations. There’s no such thing as a one size fit all business, so why would your phone system be that way?


We often find that many businesses with multiple locations still don’t have voice connectivity between offices; rather they operate independently of each other with separate phone systems at each location. In fact, we have a case study on our site about one such customer.

With multiple phone systems, there are the obvious increased support costs, not to mention the increased software/hardware maintenance.

With a hosted phone system, each location has a connection to the “cloud”, where voice traffic is routed. Adding another location is just as simple as connecting them to the “cloud”.

With a hosted phone system, you have the ability to:

Dial 3 or 4 digit extensions between offices

The ability to extension dial between offices not only saves on toll charges, but increases efficiency in reaching your colleague.

Share a hunt group

This feature gives you the ability to have parties at either location answer a phone call for a particular department, regardless of geography.

Send voice mails between offices

This is self-explanatory. This feature allows you to send a voice mail message to a colleague at the remote office.